Relations that Suck: The Story of Eva and Dries (book)

Relations That Suck book cover

Discover a fable about the friendship and destiny of two timeless characters: Eva, a creative vampire who likes people, and Dries, a traveling spider who disdains web-spinning. “Relations that Suck” is a piece of art in book form that bridges the worlds of fine art, fashion, and writing. It portrays the tragedies of denial and guilt in thirty-five dramatic photographs accompanied by a poetically heartbreaking narrative. Order online

Winner of the 2012 Halloween Book Festival Fantasy Award  

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  • Art Director, Clothing Designer, Artist: Marilyn Yu
  • Photographers: DeCenzo + Cordova
  • Female Models: Jennifer Allford & Jennifer Lazorack
  • Male Models: Calvin Jones & Marcus Wu
  • Hair and Make-up: Nikol Dedischew, Matthew Mommer, & Christal Saville
  • Jewelry: Viv&Ingrid
  • Artist: Stephani Martinez
  • Production Assistant: Yuk Lung Ha
  • Edited by: Heather Papp