La Femme Fatale (short video)

Enter Eva’s timeless world as she builds a sanctuary amidst the tumult of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast. Preview the book


  • Director: Matthew Abaya
  • Producer: Marilyn Yu & Matthew Abaya


  • Jessica Knecht as Eva
  • Jaclyn Kate as the Prostitute
  • Alan Becker as the Brothel Patron
  • “Boots” —  the Snake
  • Egg Creatures as Themselves
  • Director of Photography: Francis Novero
  • Photography/Visual Effects/Edited: Matthew Abaya
  • First Camera/Lighting: Angelo Ibañez
  • Hair & Make-up: Christal Saville
  • Production Assistants: Frank Flores & Robert Bordas-Flores
  • Jewelry provided by Viv&Ingrid and Adoura Demode
  • Calvin LL. Jones, Sound Composition
  • Special Thanks: Emory Etheridge & John P. Roposas